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Get to know us.

For Communities that Want Better

Mustard Seed World Group is a Urban Planning and Communications Firm that is focused on creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. Through transformational planning community engagement, and cutting edge communication strategies, we use our rich professional planning network to engage the public, and design strategic land use plans that transform communities and cities.

Driven By Purpose

Our core values pump the heart of our organization; they fuel our approach through each project we touch and guide our interactions in the communities we serve.


As Transformation Planners, we seek to expand economic opportunity through community development in ways that are life-changing and transformative for our neighborhoods, cities, our country and the world.


We see education as a gateway to opportunity. We work purposefully and with unending effort to share our knowledge and experience in hopes of building self-sustainable individuals and communities.


Combining our appreciation of heritage and tradition with our understanding of diverse cultures, evolving technologies and strategic partnerships, we look to inspire individuals on every level to recognize the value within themselves as well as their community.


Our goal is to listen, educate, and captivate so that we can foster a community of involved and engaged citizens who, through their own conscious activity, feel empowered to sustain growth.


Mustard Seed World Group holds M/WBE and DBE certifications in New York State.

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